Monday, 18 August 2008

Viewsonic 17 inch TFT Monitor

This TFT monitor from viewsonic is a healthy 17 inches, big enough for your personal computer usage and office usage. By the way, the 17 inches is actually the viewable area on the screen... not the size of the whole screen including the frame.

With a cool, grey frame to the TFT screen, this monitor will look the part and definately give you the modern computer look you're looking for!

The pixel resolution is 1440x900, which again is great for general personal and office use.

Comet are currently selling the Viewsonic TFT 17 inch monitor at £109.99 with 1 years cover included in this price. You can upgrade to 3 years cover for less than a £100.

Delivery is free and you can order easily online.

Chek out the Viewsonic 19 inch TFT Monitor now at COMET >>


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steve said...

Good image quality for games, DVDs, and Internet; lots of image-adjustment options.

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